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Disaster Relief Mission Trip

A Georgia & Florida

Disaster Relief Team Travels to Texas

A group of 50 missionaries will be traveling from Florida & Georgia by chartered bus to Houston, TX for one week. Our goal: To provide a collective 2000 plus volunteer hours.  We have partnered with Love First Disaster Relief, an extension of Houston's First Baptist Church.  Houston First Baptist is a well-respected church in the community and for 50 years, they have provided relief efforts during past storms.  The missionaries will be provided three meals a day and sleeping quarters.  100% of your donation will go solely towards the cost of travel and the purchase of cleaning supplies.  Your gift is tax deductible.

We feel confident in our current partnerships and relationships in the Houston community and although we don’t know specifically which neighborhoods our efforts will focus on, we are looking forward to working alongside our friends in the days to come to create a trusted missions experience that will aid the recovery efforts in the Houston community.


September 24-28, 2017



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- Ages 13 up

- Willing Workers

- Medical Professionals

-Skilled Craftsman

- Faith Leaders

-Anyone willing to roll up their sleeves

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*This includes all accommodations, travel from Savannah,  food, & work project materials

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  • Our lodging will be provided by Houston First Baptist Church.

  • Breakfast will be served every day at 8 AM and dinner will be prepared each day at 6 PM. For lunch every day, you and your team will receive a box to-go lunch for you to eat on site. Your to-go boxes will be available for pickup upon your departure to your sites.

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Chartered bus will travel from Savannah to Texas. The bus has free wi-fi, multiple outlets, overhead storage, generous leg room and several television screens for entertainment.  This will be a comfortable ride with a company that takes pride in exceeding the expectations of its customers. 



  • Bedding—We will only be able to provide a minimal number of cots; thus, air mattresses, cots, sleeping pads, etc. are recommended for you to bring.

  • Work clothing—You will be working in flooded homes, sifting through flooded areas, and volunteering at shelters. Also, despite the rain, it is still very hot in Houston. Dress accordingly.

  • Toiletries—We have showering facilities and bathrooms. However, we will not be able to provide toiletries, towels, or washcloths.

  • Bug Spray

  • Phone chargers—Outlets will be limited, so power strips or extension cords may be useful.

  • Tools (shop vac, utility knife, pry bar, chainsaws, sledge hammers, etc.)

  • If you and your team are looking to bring supplies, here’s a link to a list:


Schedule details coming soon


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