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The Savannah Dream Center serves as a portable & mobile outreach of Impact Church of Savannah. Our mission is to provide social & spiritual help to those who are in need in our community.  Our Dream Center is not brick in mortar but rather it is made of people.  People who are moving and serving throughout our communities, city and nation in a real big way.

​In 2014, Impact Church of Savannah had its first worship service in a movie theater on the South Side of Savannah.  It was always in the heart of Lead Pastor & Community Organizer, Corey Williams, to one day establish a brick in mortar that will be strategically located in the heart of Savannahs inner-city.  The Dream Center will serve as the strategic outpost from which we engage urban Savannah.  As the "nerve center" of our outreach department, we are able to partner with surrounding neighborhood entities like Southwest Middle School, Southwest Elementary School, People Helping People,  and many other incredible ministries and agencies serving the Savannah  communities. Our current community serve opportunities through the Dream Center & Dream Teams are impacting the lives of families throughout the Savannah area in a strategic effort to bring hope, healing and opportunity.

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